Minimally Invasive Surgery For Enlarged Prostates

There are several new techniques becoming available for men with enlarged prostates that cause a blockage to the flow of urine. If medical therapy fails, or is not suitable, men may need to consider surgery. Some surgical techniques cause side effects that some patients may wish to avoid, such as retrograde, or dry ejaculation.

Some of the newer techniques such as Urolift and REZUM have a reported lower risk of these side effects. They are also less invasive and often have a shorter length of stay in hospital. They do, however, benefit many men but as they are relatively new, long term outcome data is not yet readily available.

These techniques may not be suitable for all men and careful evaluation is required to determine if they would be useful in your specific situation. You should not compromise your treatment because you want something new or novel, or because your Urologist pushes you to have a procedure that is new.

Remember also that being told by a surgeon that he or she is the first to do something, or the best at something, does not necessarily mean you are getting the best treatment. You should be confident that you understand the procedure and are happy with the possible side effects and likely outcomes.