Dr. David Ende

Urological Conditions

Urological conditions not only affect our health but can impact on our ability to lead an active, healthy life.


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We provide consultancy and surgical services at St Vincents, Blacktown, Westmead and Drummoyne, call us to find an appointment time and location suitable for you.


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We have been providing dedicated care to our patients at St Vincent’s and Sydney’s inner and outer west since 2000.


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Dr David Ende is a specialist Urologist providing consulting and surgical services at St Vincent’s, Norwest, and Blacktown. Dr Ende’s years of clinical experience together with his commitment to ongoing research and presentations at specialist forums ensures he remains at the forefront of the most advanced technology and treatment modalities available to benefit his patients.

Dr Ende treats all urological conditions including urinary stones disease, male and female voiding dysfunction, management of enlarged prostate (BPH) and treatment for incontinence; through to the management of prostate, kidney and bladder cancer.

A cornerstone of David’s practice is to ensure patients gain a thorough understanding of their condition as well as the surgical or non-surgical treatment options available. His objective is to provide the highest level of care through open and honest communication to ensure that each patient receives an individualised treatment plan suitable to their lifestyle with the goal of  achieving  the best possible clinical outcome.

Dr Ende has both private and public posts with current appointments at St Vincent’s General Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Clinic, Norwest Private and Westmead Private Hospital and Blacktown Public Hospital. Dr Ende is also the appointed Urologist for the Australian Defence Force.

Specialist Urologist Doctor Sydney: Dr. David Ende



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