Urological Conditions

Prostate Cancer

Symptoms related to the prostate are usually related to enlargement of the prostate that causes a blockage to the flow of urine.


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Prostate Enlargement BPH

As men get older, their prostates tend to slowly increase in size and in the older age group prostatic enlargement is a major cause for voiding symptoms.


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Bladder Issues

Men and women suffer many symptoms relating to their bladder function. While in men these symptoms are often related to the prostate causing a blockage to the flow of urine, women often have very similar symptoms without any obstruction.


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Kidney Stones

Stones causing a blockage to the flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder cause pain which most people know as renal colic.


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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancers are often diagnosed after an episode of haematuria, or visible blood in the urine.


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Kidney Cancer

Cancers that occur in the kidney are primarily treated by surgical excision of the kidney and in some instances of the ureter.


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Other services

Vasectomy is a simple and effective form of long term birth control undertaken by the male.


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