Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Prostate cancer rarely causes any symptoms. This is because most cancers are detected very early by PSA blood tests (screening) at a time when most cancers are small and do not cause enlargement or distortion of the prostate.

Cancers can be present within the substance of the prostate tissue but are not large enough for your Urologist to feel, or for the tumour to cause symptoms. Symptoms related to the prostate are usually related to enlargement of the prostate that causes a blockage to the flow of urine. Symptoms related to passing urine (voiding) are not usually related to a tumour in the prostate unless it is very advanced.

Advanced cancers that distort the prostate can cause irritation to the bladder or block the flow of urine.

Blood in the semen is a very very rare symptom of prostate cancer. It is, however, a very common occurrence in men of all ages and should be reported. It is usually a simple matter to determine if an underlying cancer is present.

Any voiding symptoms will be investigated by your Urologist, and prostate cancer is one of the potential conditions that will always need to be excluded.

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